Yoga Alliance accredited


100-hour Voice Yoga Teacher Training with Linda, Nathalie and Adam


26 December 2020-8 January 2021 In Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

From Sound to Silence, VOCAL YOGA is an inner journey toward oneself

Based on Indian classical music as a science of vibrations and Sanskrit awakening mantras, Vocal Yoga is a powerful yet gentle path of Yoga through melodic and contemplative chanting.

Harmonisation of the subtle centers and brain wave activity, balancing of the physiology and nervous system, a deep-seated feeling of well- being, joy and unity, and sharper sense of one’s essential values and missions in life, are the usual effects reported by participants.

Nathalie and Adam will introduce you to some authentic technique of Vocal Yoga, while Linda will teach you about the healing power of Yoga Pranala and initiate you to Vedic chanting. 

Since 2004, Nathalie and Adam transmit the Yoga of The Voice, sacred songs of India during internships, seminars and retreats from 2 to 6 days, weekends, residential summer, internships in India (and elsewhere)…

Since 2016, the training of professors invites a deepening of knowledge and the internal journey, while benefiting from our attentive and benevolent accompaniment and this year they are joining us in Bali!

This training is Yoga Alliance recognised

And a stepping stone to your foundation as a yoga teacher in a new and alternative form of yoga and spirituality.

Here is Our Curriculum

Training curriculum and practice:

  • Early morning traditional practice (karaj) to awaken the voice
  • Meditation
  • Morning session breath – voice / scales and ragas / harmonization / japa
  • Afternoon session singing a mantra in rhythm (song)
  • Basics of Indian vocal music (history, theory and practice) and Indian Science of Vibrations
  • How to sing with a tanpura (+ a little bit of playing and tuning the instrument)
  • Basic harmonization with voice/singing
  • Core Vedic/Vedantic mantras, meaning (philosophy) and original* melodies on ragas
  • Basic tals (Indian cyclic rhythms), theory and practice
  • Learning 7 to 8 japas (simple melody) or full songs (melody and rhythm) on mantras

**All music compositions by Adam S. Callejon, in the classical tradition of ragas

Yoga Pranala practice with Linda Madani

  • Asana
  • Mudra
  • Pranayama
  • Vedic chanting



This training has residential and non-residential options for accommodation.

The residential accommodation includes single and twin-share rooms.

Both residential and non-residential option include breakfast and lunch for all the days of the training.


At the end of this training, you can register with Yoga Alliance and add the 100 RYT to your other previous or future hours recognized by Yoga Alliance.



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This training will fill out fast, spaces are limited

Meet the Teachers

Linda Madani

Linda Madani is a Canada-born yoga teacher registered with the International Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 500), a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) (certified in India and USA), as well as a spiritual healer. She arrived in Bali in 1995, and she got her first certification as a yoga teacher in 2002. In 2009 she opened the Intuitive Flow Yoga Studio in Ubud, which attracts mostly those seeking peace, relaxation, and reconnection to the source. Her teachings include Yoga Pranala, a combination of asana, pranayama, meditation, pranala mudra (Balinese tantra), mantra, hasta mudra, and Yoga Nidra. Linda has received the ancient knowledge of healing from the Balinese shaman Cokorda Rai since 1996, and she integrated it into her yoga practice. As a result, she helped many people in their healing process, slowing down to connect individual consciousness to the source, and to rediscover their spirituality. In 2019 Linda founded Nālandā School of Higher Knowledge and Bhakti Yoga, which aims to offer a more in-depth experience to those interested in learning more about the authenticity and true principles of yoga.

Nathalie Nichanian

Initiated in yoga at a very young age, Nathalie Nichanian deepened her knowledge in India and France and has been teaching courses and workshops since 1999. She also studied Classical Singing of North India (Dhrupad) for 6 years with Yvan Trunzler and trained as an Ayurvedic therapist at the IEEV (Vaidya Atreya Smith, Dr. Sunil Joshi). Nathalie often leads the yoga sessions during the Vocal Yoga Workshops.



Adam S. Callejon

Adam S. Callejon, musician and yogi, studied Classical Singing of North India (Dhrupad style) with Yvan Trunzler (Dagar Vani) and plays the Esraj (a string instrument close to the sitar and sarangi). His practice and learning of Indian music are currently guided by Pandit Barunkumar Pal, a distinguished and recognised musician from India. Thanks to the simple beauty of his texts and the harmony that emerges from his music, Adam draws everyone into a world of his own: poetry. Exploring forgotten paths, Adam’s musical research highlights the harmonizing virtues of music and its links with our interiority. This is how Vocal Yoga Workshops started in 2004. Guitarist, bassist and singer, his interest in Indian philosophy and music influence his current research and musical compositions.



What people say about TEACHERS…







“Thanks Nathalie and Adam for this we filled with colors, sunshine and joy.
Everything seemed beautiful!
Your wonderful complementarity, most naturally of the world, with infinite sweetness. Just that, it’s already so beautiful to see.
And then touched, there in the heart, by this beauty of the songs, the voice of Adam, the instruments, the music, the rhythms, and even … of the intimate vibration of my voice.
And finally, without artifice, in the simple, profound and sincere experience.
Sure, you’ll see me again, for a We, a week, or a longer workshop. The future will tell me, but you will see me again:-)
When I think of you, it is the smile that comes to my lips.
And in the meantime, I have the CDs to sing and practice.”



“Singing course at the end of July in Burgundy.
I have just returned home after fruitful wanderings and I take the time, finally, to give you all my gratitude for these precious moments spent in your company,,,
I have talked a lot about you and your work, so organized, so meticulous, so rich, so authentic in the quality of your performances and your presence, that I intend to have opened doors to Aix en Provence and of course on Dijon, at the Shanti …
I listen to my little USB key in a loop, as soon as I find my privacy …
Friends, indianists before the Lord do not want to believe that Adam is not Indian … so I explain to them that it was in another life, hum, not so far away ….
I am glad to have found the way with you that finally channels the voice that is mine.
I love you and would like to find you as soon as possible
Hari OM tat Sat”



“I came back from the yoga stage of the voice (O flavor of the moment at St Usuge) transformed, physically and morally, the singing opened me to other levels of consciousness, my breathing changed, my body is loosened, thanks to the work done under your guidance, with Joy and earnestness. I BCQ appreciated the body awakening, the movements of Qi Gong, the concert of Adam at the end of each day and your songs together.
Thank you for these beautiful moments, lived within a benevolent group.
After this successful experience, my most expensive wish is to continue singing during the year in my city and to return to the workshop next summer!”


More testimonials and video testimonials on their website. Click here




Celia Esplin,Australia

” Linda is an inspiring & confident teacher who instructs with compassion & precision. She has brought a dimension into my life which will enable me to continue my spiritual journey. Linda’s passion pervades her entire being this is supported by being in such a magical spot. The staff at Kumara were perfect. Everything done with knowing less humbleness & that lovely Balinese smile to be able to return & continue this path with so many supportive people around can only be a form of the heaven on earth. I bow to you all. Namaste. The depth of Linda’s knowledge is extraordinary, her ability to impart it even more so. She creates a symphony with the visible and the invisible, my heart sings.”


Lynn Weiss, U.S.A.

“I met Linda last year at her studio. I was drawn to Linda’s depth of knowledge and authenticity to her yoga and lifestyle. I knew from the 1st class that I attended that I would enjoy and get a lot out of her teaching. It was all I had hoped for. Thank you. I am so happy that you held space for all of us. I think of this group as wonderful extended family.”


Shirin Tessmer Germany

“Dear Linda,

I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for us! I know you are always busy, but for me it is really important that you know this: It was such a life-inspiring, unique and paradisiacal experience!

I even knew this while the YTT, but now there are so many moments and things which show me, that the program you have created and your “style” is just magical! I am full of deep gratitude for everything! There are no words for this gift you gave us! It was such a life-inspiring, unique and paradisiacal experience! I try my best to share the wisdom we have received.

Thank you Linda!”

Read more about Adam and Natalie and their Vocal Yoga School on their website.



Nālandā is located in Penestanan Kelod, 5 minutes walking distance from the accommodation,  and is our new sister-school.

The place boasts a lush garden with temple sights, high-ceiling wooden-floored consecrated studio space with wood carved details, a jungle view and river access.

The venue’s capacity is to host up to 50 people at once and it is the ideal location for our yoga practice.

Submit now your application for 100 Hours Voice Yoga Teacher Training

This training will fill out fast, spaces are limited