Nālandā  means ‘giver of knowledge’ and was once a thriving monastic University in the ancient kingdom of Magadha (modern-day Bihar) in India, and is considered one of the first great universities in recorded history

Nālandā is a retreat space dedicated to the in-depth study and practice of the Sacred Arts of Yoga, Music and Bhakti. It is the sister school of the top-rated yoga studio, Intuitive Flow in Ubud, established by Linda Madani since 2009. Visit Intuitive Flow website for details

At Nālandā you will find an open-air shala, the place boasts a lush garden with temple sights, high-ceiling wooden-floored consecrated studio space with wood carved details, a jungle view and river access.


The compound is made of an open-air shala that can accommodate up to 50 students, equipped with all the necessary things for a practice: mats, props, blankets and teaching support projector, writing board.

The school has its own fully equipped kitchen and dining area available for students and a catering service that can deliver meals based on your dietary needs.

We are located in the Penestanan area, surrounded by nature and minutes away from the main roads and cafes and villas.

Here you will find longer and shorter teacher trainings organised by our sister-school Intuitive Flow and other events organised by yoga teachers from around the world.

The venue is available for rent for all those who resonate with our values of Yoga, spiritual development and authentic teachings and depending on the availability. See our events calendar, check availability.

I want to book the venue for a workshop or an event


Nālandā School of Higher Knowledge and Bhakti Yoga is the perfect venue for spiritual organizers to rent the space for yoga teacher trainings, retreats and meditation workshops on the beautiful Island of the Gods, Bali in the yogic paradise, Ubud.


Our open Yoga Shala is a consecrated space dedicated to spiritual awareness. It is a comfortable space suitable for students as well as teachers. The space has been designed to be surrounded by tropical nature and jungle, to establish a better connection with oneself.

For this reason, we’ve chosen the school to be without a WIFI connection, although you can always go to the surrounding cafes nearby.


Nalanda School Ubud Bali Venue Rental

The space can accommodate up to 50 students

Props: boosters, blankets, blocks, ropes

Beautiful massive wooden flooring

Flower arrangements for your classes in Balinese style

Two toilets and one shower that can be used as a changing room

Music System, Projector, Writing board

Temple area

Purified water

Nalanda is walking distance from Ubud centre

A variety of cafes and restaurants nearby



Fully equipped kitchen and dining area

Shuttle service to/from the Denpasar airport

Organizers can collaborate with our experienced teachers to enhance the teachings in your training/retreat with kirtan, havan and more.


Nālandā has a fully equipped dining area and kitchen that can accommodate students for breakfast, lunch and dinner, depending on your preferences or just for breaks between classes.

We also offer catering services – we can serve wholesome food and cater according to your dietary needs – vegan, gluten-free, raw vegan, International, local.

Fresh juices accompany every meal from local tropical fruits and Balinese coffee unlimited at any time, tea and water.

You can choose to rent the kitchen and dining area and prepare your meals as we have a fully equipped kitchen and dining area.


Here are some meals ideas that we can provide, but our chef is flexible and creative.

There are different juices at each meal.

Menu 1, herbs yellow curcuma rice, vegetables curry, cucumber rolls salads with tamarind dressing, corn fritters, and steam herbs tofu wrapped in banana leaf, with sambals aside.

Menu 2, brown rice dill salads with herbs and nuts, tofu falafel with peanut sauce, mixed ganeca salads with cashew dressing, sauteed green beans with tahini flavour, sambals.

Menu 3, Vegan mixed potato salads with cashew and tahini cream with dill, tempe satay, sauteed mixed veggies with curry flavour, Norri veggies rolls with miso orange sauces

Menu 4, Burritos with vegetables and beans chili for filling, mixed salad, Tempe falafel with guacamole, sauteed veggies with tomato sauce.

Menu 5, brown rice ginger fried rice, sweet sour tofu , stir fry vegetable, eggs omelette , and cucumber salads with Asian herbs and mixed roasted grated coconut Topp with local Bazil, sambals.

Menu 6, Mashed pumpkin potato with coconut milk, grilled tofu marinades pestis sauce , zucchini Noodles salads with tomato salsa , steam veggies and peas with onion and mushrooms sauce. Menu 7, vegan or vegetarian Pad Thai , green papaya salads , sweet Tempe soya sauce , green vegetables and tofu curry, sambals.


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I want to book the venue for a workshop or an event