Meet Our Yoga Teachers

In our beautiful Yoga-studio in Penestanan, Ubud, Bali


Sandi is a musician and artist Sandi Kalifadani has been a dedicated explorer of yoga since 2002 through his volunteer work in down syndrome organisation and Balance Mind Body Soul. Since then, he has studied a variety of styles including Iyengar, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin and Vinyasa.

Sandi was also initiated into the ancient Zen Meditation tradition. He has also studied several healing methods such as Zen Counselling, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Hypnotherapy and NLP and brings many elements of these practices into his yoga teachings.

Sandi is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and has taught yoga for over 10 years. Sandi’s unique yoga teaching styles combines aspects of Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa yoga, a wonderful mix of longer-held postures, deep stretching and body awareness, with a slow flow modified for all levels of practice. Sandi is also a Yoga Alliance certified children’s yoga teacher, has served yoga classes for children and disabilities children for over 3 years.


Astri is a Balinese yoga teacher from the spiritual centre of Bali, Ubud. She has many years of experience practicing and teaching various styles of Yoga, and has completed training in Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Therapy and Acroyoga, amassing over 500hours of teacher training.

Nina Nahatya

Nina who is originally from Surabaya started her yoga journey in 2011. Her passion for yoga brought her to take her first yoga teacher training course and become a teacher in 2015. Nina brings a casual atmosphere into her dynamic yet energetic class, she keeps the class comfortable yet relaxed while making sure the students get their energy flowing.

She also emphasizes students to keep their freedom while being challenged in their practice, she loves to share and brings joy in her class because she believes that every struggle in the practice will reduce if it comes with a joyful surrounding. Nina’s attention to each and every student is unparalleled and a fresh of breath air to be around with her relaxing demeanor.


Spirituality has always been a profound question for me since I was a kid, mainly as I grew up in a family and community that practicing mysticism as its main pillar of living. Driven by passion and curiosity, especially towards the idea of mindfulness, bodywork, self-growth, and creating tools for my sanity, I began practicing yoga religiously in 2011. The path somehow opened for me to receive a scholarship for yoga teacher training in 2014 in Jakarta. I became a full-time yoga teacher ever since.

I teach hatha, vinyasa, yin. I am also trained in ashtanga and Thai massage. I simply enjoy sharing all that inspires and moves me. I always try to present and elaborate on the yoga asana, breathing awareness, meditation, and philosophy in my class. As well as the mixture of wisdom that I learned and receive from years of personal experience of studying, living, and exploring other schools of spirituality.

Apart from teaching yoga I am also actively engaged as a creative worker; I wrote an award- winning movie screenplay, exhibited my drawings and ceramic sculpture, and regularly performed DJ. I believe that yoga had helped me to grow to become a more creative person as it enables me to explore and see things from different perspectives.


Gusti Ayu Dwi Indrayani, commonly called Ayu InJol,
born in Bangli. Since 2014 Ayu devoted her life to yoga, she has studied various types of Yoga with Balinese and European Masters. In 2016 Ayu Injol was certified 50 hours of Hatta Yoga at Markendya Yoga by Made Sumantra. Aye also participates in several Yoga Trainings & Workshops such as:

*40 hours of Yoga Mix by Master Slamet Riyanto.
*50 hours Yin Yoga World with Alliance certificate.
*Transformational Teaching Course Sequencing Yoga Mix (Yoga Alliance)
*Chakra Sadhana Yoga by Faruk Loncarevic.
*Yin Yoga and Trigger Point’ Therapy by Dionisius Henry.
*Lower Back Pain and Knee Pain by Made Teddy Artiana.
*Short Course Yoga for Scoliosis by Udana Yoga.
*Yin Yoga Immersion by Chakra Yoga school.
*Arm Balance by Keith Lee.
*Healthy Spine by Nyoman Wahyuni.
*The Principle of Yoga Sequencing by Chakra Yoga.
*The Art Of Sequencing by Decky Karunia.
*1 day Workshop on Healthy Lifestyle with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Method by Sinshe Susanto
*Singing Bowl Workshop Level 1 and 2 by Adeline Windy (Singing Bowl Indonesia)

Ayu’s enthusiasm for learning led her to re-enter yoga training at Yoga Mantra School for 200 days with an Alliance certificate. Ayu’s often teaches at several hotels & yoga communities in Bali.


I am from Bali and enjoy sharing my yoga and meditation practice with others.

I study with teachers at the Ananda Marga Society in Bali who believe the purpose of yoga and meditation is to join the physical, mental and inner being to find peace, happiness and freedom. I received my 200 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher training at Ananad Marga in 2003 and began teaching yoga and meditation in 2005. My style of teaching combines yoga and meditation with philosophy and the Balinese way of life. Join my classes for an authentic Balinese yoga class in Ubud.


Indra’s approach is simple; that to reach depth, one does not have to travel far. We already have all the solutions and improvements we seek, but we overlook them because we make ourselves believe that they are beyond our reach. In the classes, you gain more from doing less.

Nina Grata

Nina was born and raised in Jakarta, her spiritual journey began when she was at the lowest point of her life, she started seeking for the truth and her searching led to meditation, at that time meditation was hard for her and then she found out that yoga is moving meditation.
In 2015 she took her first 200 hours YTT with Indonesia Yoga School, her life started to turn upside down and her teaching journey had to begin during that YTT when she “left” her past life and almost everyone in it.

Knowing that she still felt the hunger for more knowledge made her took 300 hours YTT with Denise Payne (One Song Yoga), Nina admits that the time she spent during YTT with Denise has changed everything she knew about yoga, Denise’s teaching made her refined and reinvent her teaching and self practice. Nina also learned some Ashtanga classes and workshops under guidance of Balu Thevar, which then heavily inspired her self practice and teaching in some ways.
Nina is a bit traditionalist when it comes to yoga practice but also believes that yoga is accessible to everyone.