Introduction to Vedic Chanting Online Workshop

Sanskrit is the language of Vedic tradition. The Vedas were brought to us by the Rishis (Hindu sages and saints) who were called “mantra drashta” – a seer of Mantra.

The Vedic mantras are believed to be sound impulses heard by the Rishis while they were in meditations. They first heard the sound vibration, repeated it and passed it down from one generation to the next. 

Sanskrit mantras are energy-based sounds that have the power to vibrate and resonate throughout the entire body. The vibration contained in mantras directly influences the subtle energy vibration of our cells and organs, the nervous system and the chakras.

Chanting the Vedic mantra allows us to align ourselves with the source of the vibrations and therefore purify and heal the body, mind and spirit. The transformational power of the sound vibration of Sanskrit is also why the mantras are considered the easiest and quickest route to purification and self-realisation. 

Our founder and principal teacher, Linda Madani, will guide you to begin your chanting journey and experience the transformational magic of Vedic Mantra.

We are excited to share with you how the ancient tradition of Vedic chanting can bring us to a place of silence, and ultimately deep peace.


Starting 12 October 2020


10 sessions

MON-FRI at 7 pm Bali Standard Time



All classes are conducted via ZOOM


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Meet Your Teacher:

Linda Madani

Head Teacher - teaches: hatha , vinyasa , yoga pranala mudra ,pranayama, yoga nidra, mantra, yoga business management and more

Linda Madani E-RYT500 is an inspired spiritual healer and yoga teacher. She has been living and practicing yoga on Bali since 1995, studying Pranala with respected Balinese healer Tjokorda Gde Rai.

Linda is a highly experienced teacher with students from throughout the world. She is registered yoga teacher with the International Yoga Alliance, a certified yoga therapist in both India and the USA and a member of the International Yoga Therapist Association.

Linda teaches throughout Asia and regularly leads yoga retreats on Bali. She is the owner and director of Intuitive Flow, Sanctuary for Yoga and Healing in Penestanan, Ubud, Bali where welcomes people with an open heart and shares the teachings and blessings she has received with much joy. Find out more about Linda and her teaching experience.


Om Swastiastu and a warm welcome from Linda and her dedicated team at Nālandā School